Introduction & Opener

On a whim, I decided that right now, the 17th of May 2019, is the point that I need to have a blog in order to organize, collate, and streamline all of the things I’ve made as homebrew for D&D 5e. Most of it is monsters and monster stat blocks but other stuff slips through the cracks occasionally.

In addition, this is also a gathering place for any of my general writings, commentary, and thoughts about D&D or tabletop games in general, as well as their communities. I frequently talk about this on Discord, my social media platform of choice, but find chat-room conversation unfortunately ephemeral. If I feel like what I write there is worth saving, worth polishing, or worth reflecting on, they will probably also find their way here. I find I most frequently write about campaign design, at-the-table play (especially in regards for planning content), and setting identity, with mechanical structures and ideas as needed. My content on setting and campaigns also intersect with conversations about tropes and concepts in video games ttRPGs/fantasy and what they mean for the game and the people that play in them.

This is just an opening, though, for all of that. I felt it was important to put things onto paper to present what this (hopefully) will be, though at current I still need to organize all of my work so they’re in a presentable state once again. If I can get that settled, the first thing I’ll post is my work on zombies and expanding the suite of zombified options for that underappreciated low-level undead “faction” in 5e. If I can’t get that settled, then expect a shorter post about fantasy “beasts” and how to spice up the natural world using Magic: the Gathering’s baloths as an example, with included stat blocks for them.

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