The Return

The first post of this blog was typed up on the 17th of May, 2019. It is now the 19th of October, 2019. I was heavily hoping to make this website active throughout the summer as an outlet for my creative discussions and projects for Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition. Instead, my regular D&D group collapsed and my main reason for writing was shuttered. I promised articles to a handful of people who said they’d read them, and never fulfilled.

Now, however, I feel like it is worth bringing back. While I still do not have a regular D&D group, I feel that I am still heavily involved in those online spaces and thus think it is worthwhile to continue whatever voice I have into it because my peers have suggested to do so.

I have written up and am currently editing my first true post for this platform: an article about the use of the beast type for monsters and the consequences the existing beast paradigm creates within the game, the solutions for that paradigm, and some custom beasts of my own creation to share. It will hopefully go up in the next few days, once editing is completed.

After that, I hope to continue with several short-term and long-term projects as a continued set of expectations for this website. I do not wish to nail myself down by saying which are coming and when, however, so they will be revealed as they are made. It is a mixture of “gaming” the game and GM-oriented practices within campaigns and adventures, and custom or retooled items for the game or gameplay of my making.

That’s all to say today. The piece on beasts will be live soon, and I hope to hear from whatever readers I have about that in the comments or from finding me on Discord, @Janahwhamme#8750.

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